Geely Automobile Holdings (0175) πŸš—

There’s been some good recent articles about Geely. This Chinese company owns not only UK black taxi company LEVC but they also bought/control Volvo Group who are about to release Polestar 2 in the EU and the US. Along with the XPENG P7 this is a hatchback Tesla Model 3 rival

Also of interest, Volvo: VLVLY which I think is the US stock quote

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An absolutely glowing review of Geely’s Volvo/Polestar 2 car - a Chinese designed/made car that this very clued up reviewer says is basically as good as a Tesla Model 3.

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I have this on my Yahoo Finance list and this week I keep getting β€œ52 week high” notifications!

The Freetrade team must know, especially after today with CIIG / Arrival, how much the FT gang loves to throw money at electric vehicle companies!

This is Hong Kong listed so understandable that it might come later.