What is your biggest holding?

In value increase Lloyds but holding value Wetherspoons!

SMT is my top. Would usually be an S&P 500 index but the market is too expensive at the moment.

Alibaba followed by S&P 500

Keeps changing based on performance but UNH and UKDV

Taylor Wimpey cause those juicy dividends :ok_hand:

Aviva & Standard Life Aberdeen on 2nd place

McDonald’s at the moment. Bought in at the recent dip.

Is it one of the stocks you’ve requested to be on freetrade

Yeah but Freetrade don’t plan on rolling out Asian stocks for a little while it seems. European ones should rightly be their first priority. I have faith in their CEO and team to make a great and comprehensive product in the fullness of time.

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@James101 Why so cryptic? Ladies and gents I think I may have found it amongst these.

Biggest holding is 3M

Current biggest holding is Pets at Home

That’s interesting. What made you back them so heavily?

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For me, I built up a position in Pets at Home over the past couple of years when its valuation was attractive and it became my largest position due to the recent price action


TESLA - quite considerably too.

Biggest holding is Visa. But could well be Freetrade now considering I invested in round 1!


Greatland Gold :star2::yellow_heart::star2:

No one single company stands out, but I am currently spread across the gold miners and this is backed up with a reasonable chunk of 10 yr US Treasury. I’ve held the treasury position since last summer and I’ve been gradually building into the gold miners for about 9 months or so.


£90k in company shares of the company I work for. On FreeTrade my current largest holding is Global Clean Energy ETF, but that will change as I’m eyeing up some companies.

Physical Gold for me, but mostly because it’s mostly held out as everything else has gone down :frowning:

also I started very recently