Sipp portfolio 2023

Anyone willing to share their current sipp portfolio. Only started mine last year curious to see what others hold

100% Vanguard S&P 500 (Acc)


Mostly ETFs: Developed (VEVE), Emerging (VFEM), Value (IWFV). Small Cap (WLDS)

TSMC (TSM) and JD. com (JD)


This is my top five:

VEVE, 36%
SMT, 10%
MWY, 10%
JGGI, 5%
JMG, 5%

The rest’s in investment trusts covering sectors from private equity and small caps to health and the environment.

Here’s mine I only started 6 months ago, so looking to add some other ETFs/Investment Trusts. I went for the small companies, as I read an article about ISA millionaires in the Guardian and the top fund that most of these people had was a small companies trust/ETF, so decided to make that part of my portfolio


Sadly not really worth me opening a SIPP on Freetrade yet as not enough money per month to put in it but definitely on the list for the future.

My activity within a SIPP would be much more cautious than within my ISA where I do take some high risks as well as balancing with more defensive holdings. My probably over-cautious SIPP would be something like:

iShares FTSE 100 15%
iShares FTSE 250 15%
iShares S&P 500 30%
Investment Trusts 30%
Stocks 10%

For Investment trusts, my current favourites are New City High Yield, Aberdeen Equity Income Trust, with a couple of green energy ones such as Next Energy Solar and Greencoat Wind.

For stocks, I’m thinking fairly safe ones like National Grid, British American Tobacco, Legal and General, Unilever.


FTSE EM (Vanguard)
APAC Ex-Japan (Vanguard)
FTSE 100 (Vanguard)
FTSE Dec Eur ex UK (Vanguard)
S&P 500 (Vanguard)
FTSE 250 (Vanguard)
FTSE Japan (Vanguard)
MSCI Emergin LatAm (iShares)
China Large Cap (iShares)
NASDAQ 100 (Invesco)
Nasdaq Next Gen 100 (Invesco)
Dax (Vanguard)

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Outside of Freetrade for the SIPP, Some companies they just dont list :frowning:

I hold shares in the Specialist Fund Markets, for companies renting out the A380 planes to Emirates. Done really well on the Doric shares, and the hidden gem that is AA4 for future 15% plus yearly Div Yields + future Cap gains.

Looking at Freetrade, you could consider SPOK as something different. When a director is buying over $2m Dollars worth of shares, in open market buys in the last 6 months… That should be saying something ;p

As interest rates have changed, I have dropped the uk clean energy type shares, NESF, FSFL, GCP, JLEN. I may revisit some if they pull back around the £1 Mark.

Good luck, on the future retirement fund :smiley: