My Sipp

HI I’ve currently been investing in my Sipp and I’m trying to diversify it with etfs, dividend stocks and a few long term confident risks and I’m curious about everyone else’s portfolio. would love to start a forum where we can all share our long term ideas and progress

You don’t need that many different etfs there is so much cross over. You are doubling up on Nasdaq and sp500 as it’s included in the all world etf


Appreciate the feedback

There does appear to be a lot of diversification for little benefit.

Personally I have 50% VWRL, 10% SGLN, 10% VUKE (for a touch of UK bias), 10% VGOV, and soon to be 20% TIGB. Modelled poorly on (as in originally started out following) the Golden Butterfly Golden Butterfly – Portfolio Charts

I keep 10-20% separate to play with to see if I can beat this core holding, but essentially I want market growth performance as I’m firmly in the ‘you only beat the market through luck’ camp.

Yes, I was about to say the same thing - you have two / three world etfs, which will be very similar in terms of holdings and then you will have many of the same holdings again in the S&P 500 etc.

So, by having lots of similar ETFs with similar underlying holdings, you are not diversifying - you are just duplicating and these etfs will all just perform in a very similar way.

If you compare etfs at you can see how closely correlated they are under the ‘Performance’ tab and the bottom tab (‘Assets’) will give you a link to their top 10 holdings - same info can be found at justetf website etc.

I know Investengine also give a full holding breakdown for etfs, not sure if you can view this via their website without being a customer (to do so on the app you obviously already need to be signed up). The Morningstar Xray tool will also show holding overlaps /duplication if you input your etf tickers: Morningstar® Integrated Web Tools™ - Instant X-Ray

The provider webpages will also show full holdings, iShares is easiest for this as it just shows it on the page, some of them you have to download an Excel spreadsheet to get that info.
Eg: Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) | iShares UK – BlackRock

You need to decide what you want to do in terms of overall asset allocation in terms of US, UK, Asia, Emerging Markets etc and then also maybe look at sector and size - so do you also want an allocation to smaller companies, infrastructure, property etc?

You can also look at how allocation is done by the robo companies pensions for example - one example approach (Wealthify or Moneybox I think??) has one MSCI world etf at around 85% and then the other 15% is in an emerging markets etf while another one (evestor) has allocated each region separately using ETFs - will try to find a screenshot of these examples…

Edit: Cannot find the 85% MSCI world/15% emerging markets one, but it’s obviously self explanatory using just 2 ETFs and the other one is an evestor example of how they allocate for their customers using funds (but easy to do with etfs too) - this mix will obviously change depending on risk profile etc. Just 2 examples, one using 10 funds /ETFs and one keeping it simple with just 2.

Not saying this is how I would do it or that you should either - but it’s a couple of examples of two ways of doing it. Another option is a core satellite approach of say 80% MSCI World and then 20% in satellite funds/etfs, so maybe 4 etfs (5% in each), where you think these may outperform MSCI World over the long term, so something like the robotics/ai etf could go in there or a healthcare sector etf etc etc (although there are lots of good arguments against thematic etfs too).

Or the ‘keep it very simple’ approach - just one World MSCI / All world etf - you can always have a more fun / experimental portfolio in your ISA or GIA if you are tempted by other etfs… :smiley:

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Ill admit i was jist happy to have control of my pension so just threw any etfs in it. Promise i take more care of my isa haha

I have 2k going into it next month so would appreciate any suggestions. Ill be keeping what ive got as im down in them atm so will be holding on until theh recover

All in VWRP would be my opinion. I would also sell everything else and buy VWRP with the proceeds but appreciate you said you didn’t want to sell.


I’d agree with this. You only need a handful of ETFs. To my mind, it defeats the point of passive investing to hold lots because you’re then making all sorts of active decisions.

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A lot of investors keep core index funds for 50-75% of a portfolio and then more specialised funds for 5-10% each fund to diversify. Core and satellite funds. Funds such as JGGI have slightly different holding to many index funds and are more the income rather than growth approach so there are ways to diversify by finding some different types of funds.