So, how are you planning to manage your SIPP?

Hi all. Now that many of us have our shiny new SIPP accounts opened and ready to receive funds (via a couple of in-progress transfers, in my case), I’m curious to know how you plan to use yours?

For me, I intend to build a set and forget portfolio biased towards growth and diversified via investment funds eg. SMT & SOI over individual stocks.

I’ll likely allocate a portion to passive trackers and some “safer” bonds, but not so much in the shorter term.

Have modelled a few different portfolios in Genuine Impact and continue to research in readiness for my funds arriving, so I’m curious - what is everyone else thinking?

I think I’m going to split it out a little. A third will be in passive, invest and forget funds and 2 thirds will be to invest in individual companies


Mine will be mostly a few passive equity funds that I am happy to leave for 40 years.

I will have a reasonable amount (25%) of single stocks (mostly TSMC) in my SIPP. I’d prefer to have in my ISA but they aren’t eligible, but to be honest I’ll probably plan to hold this for 10+ years.

I don’t plan to change mine very often at all, unless there’s a stock I really like that can’t go in an ISA.


I like TSMC. It’s (I think) the largest investment within SOI, which I plan to hold in my SIPP. :+1:t2:


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