SIPP success

Hi in what is turning into a very long process (not freetrade issue) interested to see how people with sipps feel they are performing relative to the professional workplace/private pension) do you think you’ve made a good choice?

I appreciate it’s all personal preference and how comfortable you are investing. just interested in some views in the 2-3 months before it probably happens :see_no_evil:

What are you deeming as a ‘professional good choice’?

Performance is relative to the risks appetite of the investor.

Sorry edited post so hopefully makes more sense. Just wanted to see how many people really think managing their own pension was a good idea any regrets?

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So far I’m happy. I transferred from Aviva to FT, and went from £350 in annual management fees to £120 (or just £60 as I already had an ISA with FT)

I use a stock analysis app to simplify my research, and for macro trends I follow blogs and newsletters from the likes of Morgan Stanley and Financial Times. In terms of results, my SIPP is performing really well, its portfolio value is growing far quicker than it was with Aviva!

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I’ve been managing my own SIPPs and investment ISAs since 2014 and have no regrets. The first couple of years, I was just learning about investing, finding a strategy/strategies which worked and made sense to me.

It was also a lot of learning about myself, me the investor, my attitude to risk, my reactions to ‘market noise’, what I was comfortable with, what allowed me to sleep easily at night.

In the early days, I was very much of the FOMO camp when I heard or read that someone was successfully investing in something, I wanted a piece of it too.

These days, I’m happy just to do my own research and acknowledge that I can’t be invested in all the winners!