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I topped up yesterday. HL are doing well out of me… :expressionless:. I hope at some point I’ll be able to sell the HL shares and rebuy for my FT ISA.

I thought the final dividend was different in that it couldn’t be cancelled

Which implies that this development caught investors quite heavily by surprise.

You’re correct a final dividend cannot be cancelled but only once it’s been announced. Polymetal cancelled the meeting to vote on the dividend - which is almost the same thing but well not.


Agreed. Buying into Imperial Tobacco is immoral. Yet they remain listed.

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Massive bounce on this today 30% plus. Any ideas why and any update on dividend payment this year. ??


Any idea what’s going on? Apparently they are going to be delisting? What will hapoend to FreeTrade shareholders while they move to kazachs stock exchange?

I took the inclination that the move to Kazakhstan would essentially mean a forced sale as I don’t think freetrade supports AIX. Sold off my small holding just now for a meagre £9 profit, was over £100 2 days ago, but going to invest in something greener and more local to get out of the risky Russian linked businesses. If I had assurances from Freetrade that I could hold the shares I’d probably still have them counting on the dividends being reinstated, but with the price tumbling and me thinking a forced sale is imminent best to just get out on par rather than have to sell for a loss. Who knows I probably should have held on to them and they’ll bounce back to £10 per share in 2 years. I know that my timings of buying and selling are almost the exact opposite of optimal.

I see price drop as time to buy more,
not on here anyway as FT have morals Russia = bad
and even if delisted wont be till 2024, plus would need the vote of shareholders too
2024 . plenty of time for 1 side or the other to win the war

It won’t nesssasily lead to a forced sale. They can list synthetic equivalent shares of the company on LSE provided FCA approves after the re-dom to Kazakhstan.

Unfortunately that ship has sailed. I’ve sold my holdings (for a decent 8% gain) and bought into something else. Just wishing I had sold when it would have been a 50% gain :stuck_out_tongue: