Pound to USD rate used

So currently intel shares showing up as $60.10 or £49.94 . So how this is calculated. $60.10/£49.94 gives you currency rate of 1.20 vs the real currency rate of 1.25. So when I buy an intel share at £49.94 instead 48.08 I am losing £1.86 the moment I buy the share. Am i missing something here? Is there other things involved with currency conversion ?

There is a 0.45% FX fee?


0.45% of £49.94 is 0.2248 so that still leaves you £1.64 per share unaccounted. The gap is 3.86%. For now I will stop investing in US shares until I see what I am missing here.

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I don’t really understand, have you bought these shares and are these figures coming off of a contract note?

Well I have checked the actual contracts and currency exchange rate on the contracts are correct. Only on price ticker fx rate seems different. So from what I am understanding is that regardless of FX rate shown on ticker you will get actual rate on the contract on point of purchase and sale. Now I am clear lol. Thanks @hrochfor1 for pointing out the contract notes to check for actual FX rate.

The syncing of prices and FX rates are very confusing on Freetrade, as in love in the app, so always check the contract note and then if that’s wrong you have a problem! Glad I could help! :slight_smile:


Where do you see the GBP price? The app shows the price in USD. Don’t forget that the contract note is the price you actually got but the price shown on the order screen is 15 min delayed. Could that explain the difference?

Hi @petebu, you see the price on your current value of shares in GBP then also price of each share in USD. Then you work out the math. It has nothing to do with 15 mins delays. As currency does not fluctuate by 4 % in 15 mins. At least most of the time. But regardless when you purchase and sell you get actual FX rate so this display issue is not a biggie.

I see what you mean now. I meant the share price could fluctuate in the 15 min window rather than the FX rate. So the share price (in USD) is shown delayed but your share holding (in GBP) is calculated using the live price. Seems unlikely though. Not sure what’s going on here.

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