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I think it’s insightful hearing from an experienced specialist on these subject matters.

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Don’t they burn a lot of waste these days for heat and steam power? They just filter the emissions… Not sure if this stops all the pollutants etc entering the atmosphere mind?

So the answer is…


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Yes, the ideal is that where possible you only burn non-recyclable residual waste (of which there is always likely to be some). If you’re doing that then the most efficient thing to do is at least use the energy in the waste to create steam for heating and power.

The article you link sounds like it is a time away from commercialisation - it is testing plastic to hydrogen electrolysis but on model monomers. The issue with waste is often the variability of waste - you don’t tend to get bulk amounts of clean material.

TBH electrolysis to create hydrogen fundamentally needs energy and I’d suggest that renewables are probably the better energy source but I wouldn’t discount alternatives.

There’s a lot of work being done on “chemical recycling” (which can mean a lot of different things depending on the technique) but one of the main strands of test (and soon full scale plants) is going to be waste to plastics/monomers/polymers.

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Yes well. Recycling always seemed better when the paper went in the red box, glasses where separated at bottle banks etc. It must largely be contaminated these days.

I don’t see why they couldn’t tint the different plastics and separate - a form of regulation. They could do something about all the excess packaging still at the same time. Its almost like the big businesses just haven’t bothered.

Electric demands would be more or less if water was used? Means both sets of renewable is required so all these solar fields that are popping up won’t become redundant…

Chemical recycling sounds good…

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Incredible surge in PHE share price this month


Yes silly amount

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Happy I got in at 0.0299 200% increase so far, I think they are one for the future too. I’m not planning on selling anytime soon.


How long do stocks stay as plus members only stocks?

It depends whether they enter an index which is available to non-plus accounts. There’s nothing to do with length of time.

Rubbish stock. Going no where. Dump it.

It’s up 553% in a year…it’s dropped recently like the majority of the market


The overall market has sunk, especially so in tech & green stocks. Initial buoyancy & optimism in these stocks has subsided, bizarrely however, they have slid at the most valuable moment for the eco-industry.
Take this stock, Powerhouse Energy, for example…

During its years of research & marketing, & with no real tangible economic growth prospects, it reached around the 10p mark. It fell steadily & somewhat harshly, just as they completed actual infrastructure advancement, which will provide economic growth opportunities.

Ideally of course, we would be a world free of plastics but given the recent revelations on UK exporting staggeringly gross volumes of the materials to nations with no real structural capability to somewhat recycle & mitigate its worst effects, surely projects like those of Powerhouse are preferential routes to disposal.

Add tangible carbon capture & sequestration technologies & much of this already plentiful plastic menaces worst effects can be avoided.

I see so much scope in greentech & ESG stocks, especially with many of them super discounted at the moment.

Transitional opportunities are also valuable & worthwhile, which is why I see many years of relevant future for Powerhouse Energy.

Surely it can’t be just me who thinks this stock has some near immediate & potentially significant upsides?! :man_shrugging:t2:

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Sorry to be downbeat but at the moment all they have is an untested gasification plant technology (and some commercial agreements). Have they built any scale (or even decent size test) plant yet?

They don’t have CCS, but are talking about producing hydrogen.

Not the horse I would back!

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Don’t be sorry, my friend. I’d rather hear a respectful but dissenting opinion than be subject of a load of insincere cheerleading.

Yeah, I know CCS would be an additional technology required by them to earn a eco-champion status but producing hydrogen could be a big deal for the running of industrial premises, either for backup generators or for fleets of heavy vehicles. There are upsides for the environment in turning plastic waste into something less destructive.

CCS would be a big advantage to aim for though.

To be honest, I would love to know they had plans that go beyond plastic use but as there is so damn much of it, I guess we need a plan for it in the here & now.

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I agree we need a solution for plastics - personally I see more likelihood of success in plastics to chemicals (either recycled monomers, base chemicals or even potentially fuel) than plastic to hydrogen (I think there are better routes to hydrogen).

By the time you’ve cleaned up the syngas and potentially converted some to hydrogen and then even further downstream added in CCS you’ve added in a lot of energy demand/inefficiency to the process. Without radical market intervention I just don’t see how you can make it financially viable.

Reading a recent news release it looks like progress is now being made in securing some of the long lead items to actually get a working plant underway. It does seem to be painfully slow progress though. I’m sticking with my small investment and will watch carefully progress on this project and hopefully others that will follow.

Hydrogen is going to be an important chemical for automotive with hybrid vehicles and so my hope is large enough demand helps run these build projects more quickly.


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I’m being lazy here but does anyone k ow what the spike is down to?

PHE have acquired 49% of Engsolve Ltd, an engineering consultancy firm. They’ve appointed the owner to the role of CTO.

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