PowerHouse Energy⚡️ - PHE

Anyone else still following this on and wondering what happened?

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Just repurchased after selling a while back. Who else here has a positive vibe on this one?

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I moved on from this stock but the CEO and some other bigwigs are being replaced so I am very reluctant to put any money in this stock. I would love hydrogen to take off but it’s still risky.

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I was getting excited about the work they were doing with Hydrogen Utopia but wanted shares in them rather than Powerhouse themselves.

Had some awhile back but sold.on a previous rise.


Great idea and useful if it works, but lost money on this lot twice, (no massive amounts) so reluctant to try again.

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Im heavy in hui. Phe seems a mess not a company i think they should be workinh witn

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Not sure that’s a completely good thing. With Peel out will that make it harder to get the funding they need?

Good progress on this stock. Fingers crossed.

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Excellent news. Been investing in Powerhouse since 2020.

I truly believe they will succeed.

2024 will be a great year for them!

Interesting - I wonder what part they’re trying to patent (a lot of gasification technology already exists so it can’t be that). Anyone seen any details?

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Actually there’s more detail in the RNS here:

It sounds like they have an interesting technique to “tune” the syngas conversion if I read it correctly. The key will be the economics compared to other treatment processes.

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I read the same and looks like that yes.

Director has bought a few shares. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not really. Might just be trying to inspire confidence.

Stock is on a 3 month upward trend.

Could be an interesting day for PHE

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Another 6 months of this and I might even see a profit :sob: