Premier Foods (PFD)

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Performed poorly recently and resisted a takeover bid, CEO recently stepped down. Potential M&A target, and potential to offload some well known brands.

Premier Foods plc, together with its subsidiaries, manufactures and distributes branded and own label food products in the United Kingdom, other European countries, and internationally.


Trading at 49.8% below its fair value

Earnings are forecast to grow 54.21% per year

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Traded as : PFD

Owns Mr Kiplings, Ambrosia, Lloyd Grossman, Homepride, Oxo, Bisto etc

Owns brands such as,

Mr Kipling
Hovis (%)

And many more store essentials.

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Is this being added to freetrade cannot see it listed?

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Missed a great op here if Freetrade is your only account. Shame.

Out of interest @Viktor what’s the requirements for you to list a share?


Just been searching for this. It’s a shame freetrade don’t have it listed.

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The Banana Bread Spring has done Premier good.

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@Bykris Hi just to make you aware, This stock is listed on FREETRADE under Ticker ( PFD)
Premier Foods