Premier Oil plc | Harbour Energy HBR

This is an oil and gas exploration and development firm, with creativity being the core of their values. Premier produce in the UK, Indonesia and Pakistan, with ongoing projects in Asia and Africa.

So with the new company being worth somewhere around 5-7b why is the share price still in the low 20s I don’t get it?

Nevermind, is on Plus now … :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Anyone think this is a good one to buy into?.. I’m new to this :wink::+1:

Not Financial advice but I think it’s such a solid investment- I cannot for the life of me workout why it didn’t go higher after it merged with premier oil. Good luck on your journey :relaxed:

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They are due to consolidate their shares so I’d hold back from investing.

  • not financial advice -
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What’s everyone’s veiw on these :thinking:

Harbour Energy is a ftse 350 stock. Why is it only for plus members?

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Harbour Energy is massively undervalued still.

up 50% last month, looks overbought

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