PrimaryBid: Connects Investors with Public Companies

IG is £3 per trade for UK stocks and £0 for US stocks if you do more than 3 trades per month.

It’s also quick to offer other UK IPOs (non hype and profitable ones) usually on the same day.

*not an advert for IG as my main portfolio and ISA is here

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Thanks for the suggestions peeps. My main portfolio is with Freetrade too, just funded my SIPP here and looking to start investing in the ISA on FT starting the new tax year. However I think there are some opportunities on PrimaryBid such as the recent Argo offer and upcoming PensionBee IPO which we’re missing due to FT not being one of the listed brokers so unfortunately have to look elsewhere.


I note there are past dscussions in this forum from 2020 onwards
I recenty bought a couple of IPOs: Deliveroo ,Parsley Box, applied for The Artisanal Spirits on this weekend
I keep getting numerous notifications for below companies
By not having Freetrade listed as one o the transferees, we are losing a lot of potential trades and value here
Aviation services
Materials company
Futura medicals
severn terent
cordiant digital
Diversified Energy Company plc
I am forced to retain my IG account for this PrimaryBid link reason
I wrote an email to both PriaryBid and subseqently to Freetrade helpdesk and got a very dissatisfactory response from either

From: Charlie Cumming from PrimaryBid <>
Date: Thu, 20 May 2021, 7:59 pm
Subject: Re: Whisky, unfiltered
Good evening,
At the moment your preferred broker has not given us their permission to be added to our website. Unfortunately we aren’t able to add brokers without their prior consent.
We suggest that you contact them to discuss this or, alternatively, you can view the brokers currently on our drop down list. You can find this list under Profile > Broker Details.
You can view more about selecting a broker [here.]
Kind Regards,
Charlie Cumming
---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: April from Freetrade
Date: Thu, 20 May 2021 at 22:37
Subject: Re: Primary bid
We’ve had some requests for this so it’s on our radar but it’s not something we’re currently working on.
You can see what we’re currently working on here tada\ 16x16
Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with!

On Thu, May 20, 2021 at 09:06 PM, "Alampallam wrote:

Could you get registered on primary bid site so people could buy IPOs which can then be transferred to my general trading account with you?

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Hi @alam could I ask what you would like to happen from your post? FT are transparent with what they are working on and have always provided a roadmap for this, it might not be to your liking but a new thread will not change their strategy.

Freetrade have been going since 2016 while IG were around when flares were cool - in time FT will have all these fun features but you’ll have to wait in line.

People may be missing out on IPOs on offer
I for now have to keep either skipping them or chose to keep another account active
I only see a request for a permission to be granted to Primary Bid from Freetrade
(while I am sure there are other actions involved as well), it does not appear a major effort
I see a hug pile of new offers which I am losing out as a customer (& also freetrade the business)
I expect other members who may be similarly inclined to voice themselves so this possibly can get ahead on some developement queue

How can you say you are losing out as a customer when in a previous post you have said you can use IG?

You’re not “forced” to keep anything open or do anything, you choose to so you can benefit from PrimaryBid.

There would need to be probably someone’s responsibility within Freetrade to work on the transfer of shares in the platform being received and I am quite glad they have more pressing things on their roadmap.

The extra business you say it could bring would only be people continuing to trade shares after transfer and their support resources have been stretched recently, so I am happy for them to work on other roadmap items first.

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I use IG for normal trading and last week opened a Freetrade ISA
So would have liked these new IPO shares for long term under the FT ISA and possibly sell after they stabilise at a appreciated price mid term
I am waiting to close off the IG account once I have got used to FT & its features
So I am desisting from buying the IPO shares and just getting a few sampled (say 10% on IG)
I assume you cannot move shares from a normal account to an ISA between providers
(or even with the same provider)
So that is less investment & no transfer in from me, and less business

As mentioned above, you can see what Freetrade are working on and I think if you search for PrimaryBid here in the forum, you may even be able to vote on it to increase the chances it will be integrated sooner (no guarantees).

With all due respect, you are one person, so I don’t think it will make a massive difference to Freetrade’s profit margin.

Maybe now is not the time to close IG if they work with PrimaryBid and you wish to trade there. A lot of people have multiple providers (I have my ISA and GIA with different providers). Your mileage may vary.

You cannot, that includes PrimaryBid. You cannot transfer shares from them into an ISA as the same rules apply.

Meanwhile noticed a long historical thread on the same subject :rofl:

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“Bad” would be a better word than “Strange”…

You wish. Six months later and nothing.

I’m sure they will have weighed it against other priorities. They’ll be in a very informed position about it given who’s on their board.


Mattioli Woods announced this morning at 6.60, current price 7.35 and its funding two acquisitions. Looks good to me.

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When you look at their stock price, it has been roughly the same for 5 years which to me means they are unable to execute organic growth. Not sure what they’ll do with Maven.

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