Procure Space ETF - UFOP

USD ticker is YODA. awesome

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@mynameisgeraint don’t suppose you could merger these? I’ve updated the titles but don’t have merging powers, there was a longer thread for the US version of the ETF while :freetrade: have already added the UK version ($YODA v $UFOP)

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Anyone invested? Anyone have the full holdings list ?

You can get a link to the holdings (download csv file) here: Procure ETFs


Thank you @JimmyJ :+1:

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Top 10 Holdings 30/11/2021
Eutelsat Communications SA 5.98%
EchoStar Corp 5.84%
Sirius XM Holdings Inc 5.58%
Trimble Inc 5.09%
SES SA 5.00%
ViaSat Inc 5.00%
Maxar Technologies Inc 4.92%
Iridium Communic USD0.001 4.55%
Garmin Ltd 4.28%
DISH Network Corp 3.95%
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Created a limit buy for a few shares :+1:

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