[Request] UfO ETF

UFO it’s an ETF for the space industry that will obviously massive in future with all the break through technology’s that’s are coming through today

US etf so cant be added.

I’ve seen requests like this responded to with suggestions of buying similar ETF’s or a roll call of the underlying stocks. This one is quite interesting and im looking to do the same for different sectors in my portfolio for 2021, so lets build our own using stocks that are available on freetrade?

$SPCE - 5.47%
$MAXR - 7.26%
$DISH - 7.07% ( Not sure these are the right type of satellites tho?)
$ORBC - 6.43%
$TRMB - 6.42%
$GRMN - 5.49%
$SATS - 4.70
$IRDM - 4.68% (Plus only)

$SESG - 5.09%
$9412 - 4.86%

That’s great I’m gonna check them out.

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