Space Economy ETFs

Are you considering adding commercial space exploration-related ETFs?

For example tickers UFO or ROKT. They could provide good growth in the long term.

Links, to save anyone else having to hunt around to understand the original post

# Alien Metals Limited (UFO.L)

SPDR Kensho Final Frontiers ETF (ROKT)

The latter seems to having holdings in a lot of weapons companies which would conflict with my personal ethics so I wouldn’t be interested in investing in it at all. I understand and appreciate the overlap between companies designing rockets and those designing missiles/all other weaponry, but I just couldn’t invest in that.

thanks for pointing this out

I only did a cursory look at UFO. They seemed to be an entirely Earth based mining company.

What is the link to space exploration?

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They are US ETFs, not available in the UK.

I think just the name. I can’t see anything with a quick look - minerals are obviously heavily used in components and fuel