The Final Frontier 🚀

For any other space lovers out there that are feeling down about not being able to get into SpaceX, I’ve got something else to throw your interplanetary currency tokens at… State Street have just launched a Final Frontiers ETF (XKFF) :slight_smile: :rocket:

The new ETF holds 31 stocks, nearly 69 percent of which are aerospace and defense stocks. XKFF’s top 10 holdings include Dow components Boeing Co. and United Technologies Inc. Fund fees are 0.45 percent per year for the new fund.

I’ve submitted the request for it to be added when US products are available :+1:

Update: Additional info here

Symbol Company Weight
HEI HEICO Corporation 5.2%
HRS Harris Corporation 5.0%
TDY Teledyne Technologies Incorporated 5.0%
AJRD Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings, Inc. 4.9%
CACI CACI International Inc 4.9%
BA The Boeing Company 4.8%
UTX United Technologies Corporation 4.7%
LMT Lockheed Martin Corporation 4.6%
MRCY Mercury Systems, Inc. 4.1%
RTN Raytheon Company 3.9%

I really want that. Early suggestion that the short description is ‘may the force be with you’


Sounds interesting. I tried to find their product page but it can only be found via a search engine and then you find none of the document links work :confused:

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Good find! :rocket:

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Yeah, details seem pretty thin on the ground at the moment, will update my OP when I can find out more :facepunch:

+1 for that description :grinning:

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Get it added to the Stock Universe :ok_hand:

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Maybe the description should be more neutral? Just in case someone thinks space doesn’t exist.


Let’s not bring those vibes into this thread please :pray:t3:

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They have removed the link I shared now. Anyway searched again and found:

I think it’s unlikely to make it over the pond soon the way this is going as they’ll need a Key Information Document and they have yet to create a official Product Page.

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This is the first time I’ve heard about this ETF. This is a great find, thank you.
I’m a massive fan of space. The deep sea exploration is a bonus; I’ll definitely look into this one. I was looking into different space ideas a few years back but didn’t see anything to my liking.


ETF phone home


I say, Live Long and Prosper.

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To stop a possible Star Trek vs Star Wars conflict maybe go for “Use the Schwartz” or “smeghead”

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Jupiter Mining Corporation?


Bloomberg the buzzkill :slightly_frowning_face:

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Interesting one for any of you keeping an eye on this segment