[Request] Space Exploration ETF [Duplicate. Marked for closing]

  • Ark Invest plans to add a “Space Exploration ETF” under the ticker ARKX, according to a securities filing on Wednesday.

  • While the ETF’s constituents have yet to be announced, shares of space companies Virgin Galactic and Maxar Technologies each jumped in after-hours trading.

  • The Space Exploration ETF would focus on companies that are “leading, enabling, or benefitting from technologically enabled products and/or services that occur beyond the surface of the Earth,” the filing said.

According to the filing the four categories/type of companies this ETF is investing are:

  • Orbital Aerospace e.g. satellites

  • Suborbital Aerospace e.g. drones, air taxies

  • Enabling Technologies e.g. AI, 3D printing

  • Aerospace Beneficiary Companies e.g. GPS, construction

“Space Exploration Companies can be grouped into four overarching categories, each of which contains relevant sub-elements. Orbital Aerospace Companies are companies that launch, make, service, or operate platforms in the orbital space, including satellites and launch vehicles. Suborbital Aerospace Companies are companies that launch, make, service, or operate platforms in the suborbital space, including drones, air taxis and electric aviation vehicles. Enabling Technologies Companies are companies that create the technologies required for successful value-add aerospace operations, including artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, materials and energy storage. Aerospace Beneficiary Companies are companies that stand to benefit from aerospace activities, including agriculture, internet access, global positioning system (GPS), construction and imaging.”

[Request] ARK ETFs

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ahhhhh this is why $SPCE has rocketed overnight

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Agreed ARK is much needed, I keep trading SPCE but we need more space related stuff.

Under normal circumstances, substantially all of the Fund’s assets will be invested in equity securities, including common stocks, partnership interests, business trust shares and other equity investments or ownership interests in business enterprises.

(From the prospectus, emphasis mine.)

Does anyone know if this means they could, for example, invest in SpaceX directly? :eyes:

Shamelessly plugging my list of stocks in the space that I keep updated from time to time for an indication of what will be in the etf.


That is one hell of a post sir!

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An interesting tweet below which may help speculating about possible holdings for ARKX (when it launches), some of them already available on :freetrade:

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Yeah, I’d hope thats definitely refined (didn’t know you could buy space-faring tractors…). There’s also plenty of big names like Maxar & Loral that deserve top weighting and a couple of new SPACs. I can tell ARKX will be substantially different just from the information they’ve released about it so far.

ARK ETFs can’t be added, check other posts.

Airbus being added onto this ETF, surely we should be able to get this ETF.

It’s not possible to add ARK etfs. Have you read the previous comments? :slight_smile:
Not sure what that has to do with Airbus. You can’t even buy Airbus on Freetrade.

Airbus is a UK stock and is being added to the new ARKX, what I’m saying is that if a UK company is being added to this ETF then surely we should get some sort of access in general. Also bare in mind there are other financial investments firms regulated by the FCA which have ARK ETFs. I would appreciate if you do some research. KiFID Documents may not be available to the broker Freetrade are using doesn’t mean that can’t change.

I hope you understand that angle

I understand, you’re just wrong in some things. Sure, if you’re an accredited investor you could theoretically buy that. You aren’t and freetrade has no incentive to offer it since (almost) nobody on here would qualify.

And neither is Airbus a UK company. They’re not even listed in the UK, but on a bunch of European exchanges. It’s part owned by other european governments (mostly France, Spain, Germany) and it’s form is that of an SE (Societas Europea). :grin:

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Alright I’ll give you that LOL but still it’s close enough. ETORO just got access to the ARK ETFs now, we just want justice out here.

You can’t buy ARK ETF stocks in the UK on any broker. What is offered on eToro is CFDs not stocks.

I was reading about this the other day, should be a great addition to Freetrade once added.

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Thank you for the response, what about interactive brokers and stake? There not CFD?

The issue I have in investing in Space Exploration and Drones is alot of the key players have a big military focus. I think space exploration and especially drones is really exciting but on a completely personal level I don’t like the idea in investing in stocks with such a military emphasis.