Purchasing stocks for Charity

Hi all
I am a Treasurer for a local Church, this year in particular has focused my attention on ensuring we have a regular income.
As such, I was thinking about investing small portions each month of our money into Dividend shares, the aim being in the next 10-15 years and beyond we have a regular income.
Am I able to open an account as Charity therefore?

They don’t offer charity investment accounts.

You should make sure to check put the guidance if you’ve not already

I know some other providers do offer these accounts, HL (but not at the moment because Covid), some banks offer accounts as well.

Would be good to see freetrade offer them at some point

yes, I have written an investment policy and have some ideas of where and what to invest in, but trying to find some thing with low to no fees is hard.

I’ll reach out to Freetrade and mention whether they can do this in the future.

You won’t find any with no fees unfortunately. I imagine even if freetrade made a charity account they’d change a small account fee for it, they seem to be complex to manage.

Definitely worth making sure they’re aware of the need for one. I imagine they could provide a competitive option.

HL or Barclays probably aren’t as expensive as long as investments are planned well.

As its new to the Church and the nature of controlling limited funds, I would only be looking at £50-100 a month so reducing fees is paramount. I’ll look at HL and Barclays however, thanks!

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Maybe looking at funds then which usually have no upfront fee, or investing yearly

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