Raspberry PI

Looks like Raspberry PI is planning a UK/LSE IPO :slight_smile:

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Well i pit my money in apple pi and rhubarb crumbles😆

I’d be interested in throwing in a few quid, maybe one for the heart rather than the mind.

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As someone who has little idea of how to invest in pre-IPO, how would an individual investor be able to buy shares? Or is it a matter of waiting for the IPO and buying on day 1 when the markets open?

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From my point of view, yeah, it’d be wait for the IPO to take place and trade as usual, hopefully on Freetrade.

Some interesting things I found skimming the prospectus so far.

We rely to a significant degree on independent, open-source software programmers to develop and enhance our enterprise technologies. For example, the open-source community develops the Linux kernel, on which the majority of our SBC products rely. If these communities fail to adequately develop and enhance our opensource software, we will have to rely on other parties to develop and enhance our offerings or we would need to develop and enhance our offerings with our own resources

Considering they view this as their key strength this is a serious danger to profitability.

We intend to seek to further grow these markets, and to focus on China (where sales decreased from 1.6 million SBCs and compute modules in 2021 to 0.8 million in 2022, before growing to 1.1 million in 2023)

Low-cost SBCs shouldn’t really be affected by trade restrictions, and the company agrees. But it seems the US bans rolled out from 2022 coincided with a huge hit to China sales. Company doesn’t say why and correlation ≠ causation but doesn’t exactly justify their focus on it. They don’t seem to be a beneficiary of trade tensions that’s for sure.

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