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Raspberry PI creates low-cost, high-performance single-board computers and microcontrollers.

Opened at 420… closed at 420 … :face_holding_back_tears: :innocent:

I still dont understand how my broker let me buy on Wednesday :thinking: unless because I put it through before market open

anyhoo is this going to be the next ARM which made a new all time high today and is up over 200% since IPO

I would like to know how that worked. I read of a few people saying that they had traded before the 14th.

In this case, was IB allowing trades between its customers as the stock had not been admitted yet on LSE? And does anyone know which other brokers allow trading between the IPO and the stock being admitted?

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already being shorted :thinking:

I really don’t understand IPOs. I would have liked to have purchased some RPi as part of the IPO, but I understand that FT wasn’t able to facilitate that task as they aren’t a full featured broker. I looked into how to purchase them elsewhere, but was unable to find out how. I think they were available to sign up for shares (subscribe) but how to actually subscribe is anyone’s guess. I think like most IPOs the majority of the profit for the first bit comes to those who were able to subscribe and then sell at the inflated prices to the normal people who want to buy some, and then it immediately drops back down to slightly above the subscription price. Meaning that if I was able to subscribe I might have some profit, but again how to subscribe without being a major bank? I don’t even see the point of buying them now, because the money would just go to someone else who bought them earlier and not to the RPi people anyways. Anyone with better knowledge than me able to point me to how one would actually be able to partake in an IPO and not partake in the frenzy after IPO times?

use to be able to buy via


but they stopped offering that , can only do it via a broker now that offers it


i had posted here how to purchase at these at the actual IPO price, and have been able to make a tidy profit :wink:


how long are you locked in for?

Doh didn’t see that I did a bit of research on the blog trying to figure out how to sign up. I was hoping it was like google in its IPO way back when as I should have got some of them when it happened, but lacked the funds to do so. Ahhh que sera sera I’ll wait for the peak to die down and grab some further down the line. Cheers.

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Was able to sell as of friday 14th, as thats when the unconditional trading kicked in

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