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Be great if freetrade could add Reach plc.

The CEO has just bought £100k of shares and I know a lot of people who would like use freetrade to buy shares in this company

I worked for the company for 10 years or so and I wouldn’t touch its shares with a 100ft bargepole. The business model is fundamentally flawed and there is next-to no innovation. In my experience, Trinity Mirror/Reach is a prime example of the so-called Peter Principle at its worst.

That said: I’m all for choice, so you’ve got my vote!


$RCH is on my general watch list. Id like to see it also.

My view is more in line with @christopher - may not have worked for Trinity Mirror myself, but a relative spend a good number of years there and I used to hear enough from them about it. It’s a shrinking industry, which seems an odd thing to me to want to invest in.

I also find myself being somewhat cynical about the ‘Reach’ rebranding, seems like a way to make them Google-proof (easy to search for news on Trinity Mirror; not so easy to search for news on a single common word!)

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Any thoughts on new new CCO appointment?

Starting to move up

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