Recommended Feeder Cash ISA for Freetrade

Would anyone be kind enough to recommend an “Easy/Instant Access” Cash ISA that supports partial transfers that I could sign up to before the end of the Financial Year and use it as a Feeder ISA to my Freetrade S&S ISA?

Preferably a Fintech style company with easy signup.

Not sure what you’re looking for here - any reason why you can’t just open a Freetrade S&S ISA and fund it directly?

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Agreed, why not just fund the S&S ISA with cash and keep it as cash till you’re ready to invest it? Freetrade Plus will even give you some interest on the cash if you’re already signed up.

i have subscribed to my Freetrade S&S ISA this year, and I want to open a second S&S ISA with another provider and subcribe to that from April, but still want to be able to add to my Freetrade S&S ISA as well, so putting some money into a Cash ISA before this year’s deadline and transfer from April to Freetrade should work.

We can have as many ISA accounts as you like.

We can fund one ISA account per year only.

If you open an ISA with another provider during the next fiscal year you can keep both the ISA you already have with Freetrade and the other one.

But you you will be able to fund one of them only.



Makes sense?!

Excactly, you can only fund one of each type, but you can transfer between types without affecting your allowence. I can transfer from a Cash ISA opened and funded in 2020/21 to Freetrade S&S ISA in 2021/22 while funding a new S&S ISA in 2021/22 with money from my pocket. Some people call it feeding, or boosting your ISA. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

What I’m looking for is a Cash ISA to open in the next few days that will allow partial transfers after the 8th of April to feed my Freetrade S&S ISA.

I think I get you now.

You have cash in a Cash ISA which you funded during the current tax year, and because you funded it during this year you have to wait till next financial year to fund your SS ISA. And you want to transfer the funds from the Cash ISA to the SS ISA directly, cuz if you withdraw it it will eat out your allowance next year. More or less this?!

I don’t know from personal experience. A good way to go about it is to ask your Cash ISA provider if they do it. If you already did this and got a no for an answer I would be surprised and worried.

What I don’t understand is why the trouble of having a Cash ISA to feed the SS ISA after the SS ISA is up and running

I don’t have a Cash ISA yet, hense the search and rfc. I only have one ISA, an S&S ISA with Freetrade

I would like to open another S&S ISA with another provider and invest in that in 2021/22. (Propriatry private bonds held in a S&S ISA and those bonds are not available though other providers like Freetrade)
I would also like to have the option to fund my Freetrade S&S ISA in 2021/22.
If I open a "Easy/Instant Access " Cash ISA that supports partial transfers before end of 2020/21 and top it up in before April the 7th, I could potentially use that to feed my Freetrade S&S ISA in 2021/22 (or take the money out in cash if I need it, without having to sell anything).

Is there a reason why you can’t fund your Freetrade S&S ISA as close to the 20k limit as you can before the tax year end and leave it uninvested?

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This is probably what I will end up doing.

What I like about the Cash ISA with partial transfer is that I don’t have to commit the money to Freetrade right now, I can decide later where it goes. (Investment procrastination right? :slight_smile: )
If I commit it to Freetrade now, I can’t easily move it as I don’t think Freetrade supports partial transfers.

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I think I get a better understanding of what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, because I’ve never went through that process, I’m unable to help. Maybe try to ask your bank if the facilitate this in case they have a Cash ISA?!

I’ve looked at my banks (Monzo and Starling) but neither provides Cash ISA with partial transfers.

You’ve both been very helpful in getting /me/ to understand what I want, so thank you.

I will probably just top up Freetrade and invest it only when I know I won’t need the cash, and open the other S&S ISA in April.
That new S&S ISA won’t take up all of my 2021/22 allowence, so I could put the rest of that allowence into another type of throwaway Cash ISA , and put /that/ into Freetrade April 2022, which won’t affect my 2022/23 allowence, assuming we live that long :wink:

Thanks again, it’s good to talk.

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I have a Cash ISA with Lloyds. With less than £1.00. But I don’t know if they facilitate partial transfers to SS ISA. Maybe it’s worth a shot asking Lloyds and other banks like Barclays, Santander or HSBC

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