REITs in ISA and more US REITs



Bravo, Jonny. Bravo :joy:

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It’s more frustrating that all we get from Freetrade on this is silence. They used to care about the community and be so transparent about the plans and what was going on. I’d take target dates that aren’t met over being ignored. Right now the silence makes it feel like it’s something that isn’t going to happen and that’s why they’d rather not clarify at all.


Yes im disappointed and no point even asking about reits


I’d love to get an update on this. Are Freetrade still working on it? If not, can people recommend other platforms that provide this?

It is on the internal to-do list.

Are any of the REITs on plus in ISAs ?


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A bit.of time and all them juicy reits will be available.
Would be great if this happens before Christmas

Can we add MAIN and Warehouse Reits to the ISA please?

We’ll check out their eligibility. :+1:


Any update to this? I’m desperate for MAIN in my ISA.

The team are looking into this for you. Sorry it’s been taking time!

Thanks for the reply, Viktor. They’re available on lots of other broker’s ISAs so it’s just a little frustrating that its taking so long.

We’ll resolve this very soon! Thanks for your patience up to now.

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$MAIN is available in your ISA now. :+1:

For Warehouse, we need a bit more time as it’s a UK REIT - we will keep you posted.

This is some context about what we’re looking to resolve regarding UK REITs.


Is there any update to UK REITs in ISAs?

With the current market pullback I’m shifting towards the safer side of dividend investing. I’d love to be able to have BCPT in my ISA!