Will there be another AMA soon?

Be great to hear from the leadership team on progress over the past few months.


100% agree.

Can appreciate they have been very busy in the background with Plus Account & Holidays, but would be good to have some updates :+1:t2:


Completely agree! Would love for these to be a bit more regular (as opposed to the pre-funding period only :joy:).

One thing I really value in FT is the transparency and openness of communication with its users and investors, I think its one one of its key assets! Would love for it to continue :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t expect one any time soon. People would probably ask them about REITs, and they don’t want to answer those questions.

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No updates on REITs in ISAs yet, it’s on the internal todo list.

Regular AMAs are incoming!

We wanted to make progress on Plus and other priorities first. The team also took their well-deserved holidays during the summer months.

We’re also working on some surprise guests and potential panels, as we’ll go further on investing education, besides product updates and previews.


Thanks for the update @Viktor, that’s a lot of positive news to hear going forward!

You mention REITs in ISAs being on the internal to-do list (which is great to hear!), is adding US ISAs included in that, either to ISAs or even just General Investment Accounts?

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