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This engineering firm specialises in precision measurement and healthcare, operating in 36 countries, with products being applied in fields from jet engines to dentistry.

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The 2 owners are selling all their shares in the company now.

It’s a solid company with a promising future. Hope they find a suitable buyer (maybe not the Chinese)


I bought £1000 of Renishaw shares on the recommendation of your ‘honey’newsletter email. Of the 29th of March 2021.They’ve done absolutely nothing so I got rid of £500 worth. Do you have any news on this so-called impending take over.
I can’t find anything anywhere to suggest any activity. How long do take overs tend to last?, a year ? Five years?, 10 years?
I look forward to your comments.

Renishaw plc dropped from FTSE 100 index.

SimplyWallSt currently have Renishaw fair value at £19.98 per share when the current share price is around £50.00 (dropped from £55).

This tends to happen when people want to lower the price for a cheaper sale. When you got friends in hedge and index funds there easy ways to artificially lower the share price.

If you look at who donates to simplyws and who may be interested in buying your probably find a link.


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They ended there fornal sale process as there was no suitable buyer. So they’re not selling to the “Chinese”


Welcome @DogWater ! Thanks for the info. It’s a stock I’m following.

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Great to see Renishaw sponsorship with Forest Green Rovers FC! :grinning:

Where did you hear this?

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Nevermind your right.

The sponsorship of FGR by Renishaw? The company name/logo is on a post about ‘partners’ with others on the FGR Twitter account (the partners list on the FGR website has yet to be updated).

Renishaw Japan receives Mazak Supplier Award for its performance during second half of 2020.

Theses awards are hard to obtain.

Also they hiring new staff again so it’s looking good

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Renishaw profit is up 25% from last year

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Renishaw celebrating 50 years - Founded 4th April 1973.

Cheers for that… making me feel my age… i remember walking aroung Wotton as a young child when Renishaw was still a very new family ran business

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