[Request] Ananda Developments (ANA)

Would it be possible to add Ananda Developments?

Seems to be on AQSE I’m unsure if you guys list stocks from that exchange.

It’ll be a while before FT offers shares listed on Aquis Exchange.

Incumbent brokers such as IG, AJ Bell and Hargreaves Lansdown platforms are currently in talks to offer Aquis link online. Until now, though the largest retail brokers have offered phone dealing in AQSE shares, electronic trading has been largely confined to a handful of brokers including Barclays Smart Invest, Jarvis etc.

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Thanks for the information

The Aquis Exchange is starting to be an interesting space

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AQSE is now the 7th largest stock exchange group by value traded in Europe, trading over 1,800 equity securities.

Also just reported its maiden full year profit.

I wanted in on Coinsilium, its on AQSE.