[Request] CARB WisdomTree Carbon ETC

WisdomTree Carbon is designed to enable investors to gain an exposure to a total return investment in European Union Carbon Emissions Allowances (EUAs) by tracking the Solactive Carbon Emission Allowances Rolling Futures Index (the “Index”).

WisdomTree Carbon is an exchange traded commodity (“ETC”). Its securities can be created and redeemed on demand by authorised participants and traded on exchange just like shares in a company. The ETC is backed by swaps. The payment obligations of the swap counterparties to the Issuer are protected by collateral held which is marked to market daily. The collateral is held in segregated accounts at The Bank of New York Mellon. Details of the collateral held can be found in the Collateral section of the WisdomTree website (www.wisdomtree.com).

It’s a shame that there isn’t more interest in this request. Carbon markets are going to be huge over the next 20-30 years and probably one of the few markets that won’t be as brutally impacted during a global recession.

Indeed! The utter lack of commodity ETFs in general! I’m going to propose a couple of agricultural ETFs. If Freetrade keeps on ignoring these areas, there’s no more point using this platform during a global recession.

Thanks for the request, you might not be aware but many US-registered ETFs are not available in the UK/EU as they’re not compliant with UCITS regulations. If you’re able to find a compliant version it’ll have UCITS in the title. More information can be found here

(Just so future readers know the reason why this hasn’t been added)

This ETC fund does seem to have a UK flavour now, CARP.L, though it is unclear to me whether it is UCITS though - it says it is both “UCITS eligible” and “UCITS non compliant” :man_shrugging: