[Request] Deutsche Post AG

The Deutsche Post AG, operating under the trade name Deutsche Post DHL Group, is a German multinational package delivery and supply chain management company headquarter in Bonn, Germany. It is the world’s largest courier company.

Seems odd to edit this post 2 years later and straight after someone posted same request and was told it isn’t even on the LSE or US market so not an option :joy:

Please can we have Deutsche Post? Really odd that this company that is in every country in the world, has over 520,000 employees and is a major logistics provider is missing from the portfolio…maybe “DHL” its big logistics arm is more commonly known? You appear to have FedEx and UPS on offer but this company is much more than just delivering parcels. Its results are great and it is a solid and well run company. (I am declaring an interest here, I am an employee and I would like to invest more in them but you can see their results and dividends for yourself )

Are you sure it is on the LSE?

You are right ! That is the problem. I suppose I got used to seeing US stocks so assumed it would be ok to have a Euro one. Never mind. It’s a good buy anyway !

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Yep looking at their profile seems a good buy :+1: Maybe with the expansion plans they will get added soon. I am sure someone will say what the expansion areas are likely to be but I am unsure at the moment.

Be cautious when considering investing in a company that you work for, because this concentrates your risk. Your salary, your pension, and your investment portfolio would all be dependent on the success of the company, and no matter how confident you might be about their prospects at the moment, it is possible for even the most stable and successful companies to get into difficulty. If you choose to invest in a company that you work for, consider also diversifying your investments so that you don’t have all your eggs in one basket.

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