[Request] Gore Street Energy Storage Fund - GSI

Gore Street Energy Storage Fund is the first UK pure play energy storage fund, targeting a 7% yield. Building a diversified portfolio of projects, the Fund already has several operational assets in the portfolio and multiple revenue streams in place.

The Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of utility scale energy storage projects primarily located in the UK. It targets a sustainable and attractive dividend over the long term. The Company also seeks to provide investors with an element of capital growth.

Established technology - the lithium-ion battery is a well-established technology that enables multiple revenue streams stacked within a single asset. Batteries have up to 15-years warranty from suppliers, however, the fund is ultimately battery technology agnostic
Large pipeline - GSF has a strong project pipeline from its wide industry network
High yield - annual dividend target of 7% of NAV (subject to a minimum target of 7p per Ordinary Share) after year 1 supported by 10-12% Project target IRR
Blue chip - commercial partners and strong strategic partnerships
Experienced Investment Managee - with a track record in storage and extensive experience and expertise in sourcing, structuring and managing large renewable energy projects globally

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