[Request] HSBC FTSE All-World Index Fund C

World equity (dev world and EM)
OCF 0.13%

I have this on my ISA with Hargreaves, and itโ€™s great. I should love to see it here. Then I can transfer when my ISA runs out.

Yes, a cheap and proper all-world passive tracker. Gets my vote.

Unfortunately, this is a fund and Freetrade donโ€™t have these - they only have shares, ETFs and investment trusts.

There is a Vanguard ETF that tracks the same index, so it should produce almost the same results as the HSBC fund: VWRP (accumulating) or VWRL (distributing). But the OCF is a bit higher.

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This is a pity. I prefer cheap as chips funds.

I knew of the Vanguard etfs, but disliked their OCR

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