HSBC FTSE All-World Index Fund Accumulation

I was hoping to find this ETF on FreeTrade but it’s not there. This is a fantastic ETF, with a global exposure to all caps (incl. emerging markets).
Very low OCF of 0.13% and transaction fees of 0.04%


Is this an ETF?

Nope. It’s an OEIC

Ah! Sorry for the confusion. Are these supported by Freetrade?

You won’t get that on FT as it’s an OEIC

Also… try not to pay too much attention to Transaction Costs… they are formulated some wild algorithms and wildly open to abuse. I should know… I made the tools to calculate it at several asset managers… who chose to implement there own ‘versions’ to suit their own needs… transaction costs bear no relation to manager skill, nor do they paint a full picture of ‘why’ the costs occurred… also whilst some costs are ‘explicit’ , as in - they are real and you can see them … some are ‘implicit’ which never actually occurred so are based on assumptions… honestly, the maths is insane. Basically, ignore them.

Thanks! So transaction fees are not fees that I pay when I buy/sell the fund but rather are the fees that the asset manager incurs in when managing the fund? And these are relayed to the investor as a drag in their returns right? So that means that I should not be worried of making many orders as I wouldn’t pay additional transaction fees…?

No. Transaction fees in this case… as shown on your fact sheet or KIID… are costs incurred by the manager in the course of trading for the fund… you’ve already suffered it by reduction in the value of the fund… so you pay nothing more, no … exactly the same as the OCF… taken from the value of the fund already… so reflected in the unit price