HSBC Global Strategy Balanced Portfolio Accumulation C

This Multi-Asset fund is performing very well at a low cost (18bps). Multi-asset funds offer lower volatility, which is achieved by having diversified asset classes with low correlation between each other. I’d also be interested in any other multi-asset options that people think would be good?

This is the type of product that you could leave your pension in and so would go well with SIPP’s when they’re avaliable. The full Global Strategy range has 6 options from adventourous to conservative, but this one is the largest by a long way.

From Morningstar:

As far as I know, Freetrade are completely against offering OEIC funds.
Or has their position on this changed recently?

Ah yes you’re right! I doubt that will have changed, just found the below post. Investments Trusts will be the way to go…

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