[Request] iShares Global Timber & Forestry ETF (WOOD) - Share Chat

  1. Exposure to companies that produce forest products, agricultural products, and paper and packaging products

  2. Targeted access to timber & forestry stocks from around the world

This is not listed in the UK and so unlikely to be added anytime soon.


If you follow the link you posted at the top of the page these are the only two listings:

You meant to post the link to the UCITS ETF:

Which does have a LSE listing.

Are you in this one?

I’ve been looking back over their returns and they seem to do fairly well, definitely makes some returns at times but also seem to be badly affected when the markets go down.

I’m considering picking this one up as a small holding as I like the idea of some of the holdings in this ETF; Some of the top ones seem to be based around sustainability of forests for production of timber etc.

Only concern I have is I might be throwing in on the peak, but who knows?

Anyone know why the day to day chart for this one is so slow? It hasn’t updated at all since 8.05am today.

Very low trading volume. Only 3x trades so far today according to LSE.

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Is there any point in this forum having a reply or quote option? Boggles the mind the people that invent this cr*p.

Really like this one, hardly setting the world alight, some might say it’s a bit of a boring ETF but it’s a steady climber, I’m up 30% since buying 6 months ago. Plus a 1% dividend…

Nice ETF to have ticking along in the background which you can forget about :slight_smile:


Yeah, it is one of my favourites, it has gone up 6% for me in two months and I wish I had more to invest into it tbh.

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Interested to hear from others holding this ETF? If any?! Still low volumes of trades, which surprises me given the hike in lumber price over the last year.

I am currently debating with myself how long to hold for, such a rapid climb in lumber price can only lead to a crash (or somewhat of a pullback, at least) which wouldn’t be great for this ETF…! But when?! :thinking:

This ETF is no longer showing on the app as far as I can see. It was there yesterday! Is there a glitch?

It is still showing as one of my holdings, however it says ‘placeholder’ next to the ticker, whatever that may mean?!

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There was a glitch on the app, now sorted by FT.

Haven’t looked into the specific ETF but the sector seems interesting. Wood is a renewable resource but land is a finite one, so as demand and regulation grows the companies that have existing sustainable operations of scale should on the whole do very well, whereas the ones whose model is of the type that attracts more negative coverage will find it increasingly difficult to procure new supply. The question really is about the timescale where the former becomes more profitable than the latter; it could be very soon or it could be beyond the timescale that you plan on investing for.

Timber prices are currently increasing. The ETF has 36 holdings.

How it happened that the ETF changed the name today to Global Timber and is in $$? :scream: This could be related to this “glich” and they’ve changed it?

The name is still the same isn’t it? With the ticker symbol ‘WOOD’. Wasn’t it in $ before also but paid in £? It’s in USD on the iShares website. Apparently the glitch was the ETF got temporarily overwritten when new ETFs were being added to the app.

Exited it today.

Didn’t perform as expected over the course of two years tbh.

I made a whooping 5p profit, which is… terrible. It’s a shame as there were moments it looked to be a solid growth/earner but it just kept flatlining overall for me and that’s not what I want.

Moved it over to a more diverse holdings now.