[Request] iShares Trust - iShares PHLX Semiconductor ETF (SOXX)

I came across this last night. This ETF tracks chip makers such as Qualcomm, Nvida, Texas and Intel. It’s very interesting as 5G and the next WiFi protocols are being made in China who may or may not be allowed to use advanced American chip tech.

Yes please!

Would be great to see this new iShares Semiconductor ETF added to Freetrade soon. Good diversity and performance so far.

Were you just watching Bloomberg? Haha Yes we need this, or the Vaneck Semiconductor ETH (SMH)

Thank you

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Yes to this!

Any updates on this?

US-registered ETFs are not available in the UK/EU as they’re not compliant with UCITS regulations. If you’re able to find a compliant version it’ll have UCITS in the title. More information can be found here

Thanks. Having looked more into this I’ve found one:

Would be great to get this on Freetrade…

Great stuff @pjately

The thread here has plenty of votes but according to :freetrade: (in March) this ETF was very illiquid - I don’t know if this has changed but Yahoo Finance is only showing yesterdays data (which is very odd) and only shows 38k volume.

Does anyone else know why this one doesn’t have the data / trade much volume? You’d think it would be very popular with 0.35% fees too.

I’ve created a new request/thread here - [Request] SMH (VanEck Vectors Semiconductor UCITS ETF)

Would appreciate votes on it so the Freetrade team can look into adding the ETF as we all have interest in it :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks


Is this not possible on FT