70 brand new stocks are here, inc. highly-requested SPACs - 30th March 2021

What about SFTW?

What a huge batch :partying_face: Cheers to the Freetrade team


Very nice :slight_smile:

Please can we get VanEck Semiconductor UCITS ETF (Acc) - SMGB - Share chat in the next batch?


Can you add date to title please

We continue to talk with our US execution provider on this one.

It’s a rather illiquid ETF, which would result in a rejected trade rate we’re not comfortable with. We’ll monitor how the trade volume evolves.


Thanks for the update, appreciate the feedback

Any chance of adding V3AM before the new ISA season :blush::pray:t4:
Awkward demanding customer :joy::kissing_heart:


@Viktor I think the spac tags need checking SRAC has a healthcare tag, it’s a space focused stock?

Thank you for the quick turnaround on these Spacs.

Any chance of getting Rocket labs on Freetrade, another space stock gaining traction ticker being VACQ. Thanks again Viktor and the team.

VACQ is already on freetrade.

Thanks for the response, will SPFR be added? its a SPAC merging with Velo3D which has links with SpaceX - Velo3D Inc - (VLD) - Share chat

So it is. I apologise. I got my wires twisted I even remember seeing it added a few weeks ago…

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We have updated this now to reflect that SRAC intends to merge with Momentus.

Please add Razer (1337)

Please add RR :kissing_heart:

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Thanks for the update.
Could you include Ironridge Resources (IRR) on the LSE Aims market please?

Can we request DSGT a lot of UK people want this and have opened IBKR account to get them but this app is so much better/easier

Superb guys, so many new stocks added all the time it seems! Fantastic work!

How about GHVI? Is it in the pipeline? The merge will be completed relatively soon so would be good to be able to get in before that. Good work and thanks for the update!

Nice one FT, plenty to go at here​:sunglasses::crazy_face: