[Request] Lightbridge Corp. (NASDAQ: LTBR)

Lightbridge is working on thorium-based seed & blanket fuel assembly for new and existing reactors. This technology, which Lightbridge has developed to be compatible with light water reactors, uses “thorium-uranium oxide pelletized fuel rods similar to that of conventional fuel rods presently used in commercial light water reactors.”

The difference, the company explains, is that the thorium-uranium oxide will replace the more conventional uranium oxide.

The company is one of the few publicly traded nuclear fuel technologies companies working with thorium technology — but as it catches on, this company could easily move to the top.

With Thorium gaining momentum in the Indian and Chinese markets I believe it’s only a matter of time before the European and American markets truly feel the rise of thorium, and investing now would be great for future holdings.

Thorium is a derivative for uranium, and the benefits of thorium far exceed that of any other competition, with no nuclear waste produced and a far greater energy yield per kg (It is estimated that one ton of thorium can produce as much energy as 35 tons of uranium in a liquid fluoride thorium reactor), much greater quantity all across the world, and the list goes on!

Overall in a world going more green, this highly efficient, little rock of near pure energy will certainly shake things up a bit! Thanks for reading, do your own Due Diligence.