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Recently IPOd (Oct 21) Health plan company.

Marpai Inc.’s mission is to positively change healthcare for the benefit of (i) our clients who are self-insured employers that pay for their employees’ healthcare benefits and engage us to administer the latter’s healthcare claims, and we refer to them as our “Clients”; (ii) employees who receive these healthcare benefits from our Clients, and we refer to them as our “Members,” and (iii) healthcare providers, including, doctors, doctor groups, hospitals, clinics, and any other entities providing healthcare services or products, and we refer to them as the “Providers.”

We are creating the healthcare “Payer of the Future” for self-insured employers in the U.S. Through the use of the latest technology and A.I., we believe we have the ability to predict costly events, such as who is likely to develop a chronic disease or require a costly operation over the next 12 months. With this knowledge, we aim to optimize care so that employers can save money, while employees can have access to high-quality care and enjoy good healthcare outcomes.