Huami (HMI) analysis

Has anyone read any analysis on Huami (HMI) that you can point me towards? They make wearable technology for fitness and health, which I would think is a booming market, and they appear to have good financial stats. I’ve seen some price forecasts suggesting that the stock could rise substantially (see for example this from CNN). But I haven’t read any actual in-depth analysis/discussion about the stock that would explain why it is undervalued now and why some analysts expect it to suddenly take off. Any thoughts on this stock?

This guy is really good on Chinese stocks particularly NIO but has a interest in HUAMI.

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Well, I did decide to invest £500 in HMI in October, and my investment has now risen by 52% so I’m feeling pleased with myself :smiley: and am debating taking profits. The company doesn’t seem to be very well covered by mainstream analysts, but the guy whose video is above is very bullish about the company and thinks it could still triple from here.

Anyone else have any insights? (Thanks @Barbellion for pointing me to that YouTube channel.)

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Huami changing name and stock ticker to Zepp, likely a positive move…

Edited to add: Can’t trade either HMI or ZEPP in the Freetrade app yet this morning, presumably changeover will come in due course…