[Request] Next Frontier Internet & E-commerce ETF (FMQP)

Thought this was already requested…but couldn’t find it on search:

FMQP is the GBP £ Version of FMQQ:


FMQQ Next Frontier Internet & Ecommerce ESG-S UCITS ETF - Acc

“FMQQ can be an attractive alternative for investors who want to capture the budding opportunities in these “next frontier” markets and/or complement their Chinese tech allocations and balance out their current portfolio weightings.” - Kevin T. Carter, Founder, EMQQ


It’s basically EMQQ ex China.

Link to: Full Holdings

It was being promoted by a company sales person - against community guidelines.

The volumes data for LSE is available. Very poor.


Thanks for the info.

It is only a month(ish) old, I guess I’ll need to wait until it’s listed & (hopefully) invested in on other platforms. I hope to see it on FT in the future.