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3d printing SPAC

Great stock. I’ve been wanting to invest in this one for a while. However, FT seems reluctant to add stocks with a low market cap. See my ask for the stock with ticker SFTW 6 brand new US stocks, 12th March 2021 - #10 by Viktor

Judging by that response to SFTW, this stock will likely need to be worth 2.87x as much as it is now to reach a 1b market cap for them to consider it… So considering this stock is now worth 12.96USD per share it would need to be worth around $37 per share before they add the stock to FT… But they are able to add hundreds of stocks that nobody asked for… I’m sure many would be more than happy to even pay the plus membership to be able to trade some of these stocks that they are not willing to add.

By the time this stock is added it will likely be overpriced to the point where it is no longer worth considering.

Hey Kaan.
I read the link, thanks. Interesting

I’m new to Freetrade and hands on investing (previously just chose funds for ISA) and so I’m really enjoying the chance to choose exactly where I allocate capital.

Aone’s purpose is to bring Markforged into the public arena. Markforged, Leader in Additive Manufacturing, to Become Publicly Listed Through Merger With one | Business Wire

…and Markforged, according to a friend of mine who has some experience in that field, are worth getting behind.

I also mentioned Voxeljet (VJET) in a previous post as another high quality 3d printing outfit.

The market cap argument seems a bit chicken and egg. There seem to be stocks available on Freetrade that to my mind exist purely to cash in on investor appetite for certain “hype” sectors. (NKLA). They seemed to have the required market cap but no products or track record for actually making anything.

Yet companies like Volkswagon and Fujitsu with solid engineering track records are missing!!

AONE might be minot right now, by some metrics … but Markforged, the company they will bring to the market, already make top quality products.


Hi, @14me24u and @Kaan Check out Desktop Metals $DM - 3D printing. Already listed on Freetrade and available to GIA.

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