[Request] PayPoint (PAY)

PayPoint LSE:PAY

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Bought a small amount to get me attentive towards PAY as I expect digital/online payments to increase post-opening as well as the business having no debt.

Anyone hold here on FT?

I donโ€™t hold but one on my watch list as it looks poised to bounce back post lockdown:


  • Profitable
  • Generating cash
  • Debt free
  • Low P/E and high ROCE (how much bang a company gets from the pounds it invests in itself)
  • Analyst consensus - 3 Strong Buy, 1 Hold and 1 Sell
  • Expanding into digital payments with recent acquisitions

Not so good:

  • Ofgem case hanging over their head which may (or may not) lead to a financial penalty
  • Lost a couple of key contracts including British Gas
  • CEO was forced out supposedly due to ill health
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