[Request] Spectra Systems Corporation - SPSY

Spectra Systems Corporation provides technology-based security solutions.

Impressive company with double digit growth during COVID *don’t hold but on watch list for a while now

The group’s a world leader in providing security technology materials for use in banknotes, product authentication, and gaming.

  • Revenue +11% to $14.675m,
  • Adjusted EBITDA +16% to $6.357m,
  • Net income +18% to $5.124m,
  • Adjusted earnings per share +14% to 11.9c,
  • Cash from operations -3.7% to $5.124m,
  • Net cash position steady at $14.038m (with $1.099m of restricted cash and investments); no debt,
  • Annual dividend of 9.5c per share,
  • 645,000 shares bought back in the period.

Company Name: Spectra Systems Corporation
Ticker: SPSY
Name: Spectra Systems Unregistered Ord Shs

LSE Link:


Leading player in the booming market for authentication technologies (banknote authentication, brand protection technologies and gaming security software)

Highly profitable business, analysts have already pushed through 3 earnings upgrades in the first half of this year. Interim results due in September are likely to be positive.

Current price 160p
Target price 200p

High dividend yield at 7.2%

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The data from the London Stock Exchange shows that this AIM stock has very low liquidity.

There has been one trade so far today:

And over the past few months:

You will probably struggle to buy/sell this stock. And its spread at the moment is 12p (around 8%)!

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Thanks, I expected this to be an issue!

What is an acceptable spread for FT to consider adding a stock?

I don‘t believe that there is a specific number. I think the team that adds stocks to the Universe balance out various considerations including the ease of buying and selling the stock. I am not sure if @Alex_B would like to add to that or not.