Tharisa plc - THS

Safe-haven shares. I consider platinum producer Tharisa (LSE-THS) to be one such [lifeboat](For a higher passive income, I like these juicy dividend stocks! | The Motley Fool UK ISA investors to buy in these turbulent times.

Another vote from me for this chrome and pgm producer, upcoming annual results on 30th Nov.


Pls add Tharisa plc.

Vote here. Agree it’s a solid stock and wish FT prioritise such stocks given the market situation we are in as opposed to companies with crazy valuations, no product, no revenue, and no profit.

+1 voted in the original thread as well.

Is it a case of who makes the loudest noise wins?

How did MAST energy (added today) or SPACs get added with no track record but companies such as these which also trade in SETsqx get ignored?

With UK is recovery mode when is the next batch of UK stocks that have been requested by the community over the last 12 months? I’m referring to Plus only and profitable stocks so it’s a win-win.

@Viktor @Freetrade_Team


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Hi Jack

Due to their volatility, we’ve been unable to add quite as many stocks trading on the SETsqx service in recent times, though we have been able to add certain very highly-requested ones.

The good news is we are working to add many more of these lower-cap companies and you can expect them to arrive shortly.

In terms of SPACs, we’ll keep trying to add as many as we can that meet the criteria set by our US execution partner.

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