New stocks, 26.07.22 πŸ†•

Hi everyone :wave:

A batch of new UK stocks has arrived.

For all users:

For Plus members:

UPDATE: Bonus new stock :camera_flash:

Getty has completed its merger with C Neuberger Principal Holdings II and is now listed under $GETY.

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11 new stocks? Has everyone at Freetrade taken a long summer holiday?
What happened to the large batches of stocks we expected (based on the most recent a couple of months ago)?

Rather than announce 11(?!) new stocks, I’d rather that stocks we’re unable to currently but due to stamp duty issues were fixed first…

Becoming increasingly frustrated here…


Hi @MrChew, there are multiple work streams in progress to both increase the number of stocks (both UK and international) and also address the technical issues you mentioned.

This week’s batch was identified as new stocks we were able to add right now, so we did so.

Let us know which other stocks you’d like us to add and, as always, we’ll look into it and do our best to add them!


Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but how do you decide which stocks are Plus only?

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@dane Yes, there is a whole topic thread on that:

Cut to the chase see: Freetrade Plus

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