[Request] Blue Prism (PRSM)

Blue Prism is an AIM listed Robotic Process Automation (RPA) provider.


Huge revenue increase…another year of that and I can see this share price doubling (currently just over £14)

anyone know why the massive drop off today? results seem decent

Maybe something to do with the directorate change but I didn’t bother reading that RNS. I’m surprised EBITDA was still so negative this year(what are they spending on this year? Toy planes?). If they can narrow to 25m together with an opening of business travel next year that would seem like a relative miracle.

Edit: looks like more to do with 19 Restatement and debt increase

yes good points - the R&D costs to get the cloud providers would be a heafty investment with real long term opportunity though. i think they will close that gap this year. Good time to buy more imo.

Ive looked into Blue Prism in the past and can never really get what they do and sell. I’m not knocking the company in any way I just can’t get to the point of translating what I am reading about their product into simple terms. Can anybody sum it up simply?

@jbowen Recommend giving this a read Blue Prism Vs UiPath: A New Guide To Learn The Differences In RPA World.

Personally I think UIPath has the better solution and is rumoured to be IPOing soon.