Blue Prism Group plc PRSM

This firm is a software provider, allowing businesses to reach their full potential by robotically automating processes through their RPA platform.

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Anyone got any insights into this? Has this been run down to the bottom yet?

Looks like a strong bounce today and I might add. It’s probably been under pressure from $PATH’s poor performance and selling from earnings, but imo they were good. Cash flow tightening up and almost at EBITDA breakeven, retention up. And it has a silly valuation compared with UIPath (4x v. 40x), price target of £14. It grows slower and $PATH is probably the market leader but no reason why this should not be trading £15+ imo.

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There is some discussion in the original Blue Prism request thread, it should be merged with this one.

I took a look at Blue Prism when looking for UK listed tech, it looks cheap compared to UIPath. It’s CEO complained about the cheap valuation earlier in the year and says it might look to dual listing in the US.

But I have no idea how good their product is. Their travel and expenses bill is larger than their R&D bill. Are they just glorified chat bots?

Just to add - I’ve seen this software used by Big 4 consulting firms undertaking process improvement jobs - so I put it in the category of “unsexy enterprise software that no-one has heard of that actually run business” :rofl:

See OKTA… :no_mouth:

I feel like it’s a decent company with very interesting and in-demand products. However, they are 20 years old and haven’t turned a profit. So from an investor perspective, I’d hesitate to invest.

Han - How does dual listing work?

Here’s a handy Freetrade guide -

Blue Prism listing in the US would allow easier access to their stock by US investors, who may value it more highly than UK investors, thus driving up the share price.

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