[Request] Talon metals (TLOFF)

Talon Metals Corp (TLO.TO & TLOFF.OTC) is a nickel-copper-cobalt “green” mining company based in Minnesota USA. They are positioned to be the only provider of Green Nickel in North America, soon to be the only provider.

Reasoning : Nickel is crucial to the EV industry as it it used in battery cathodes. It is also considered cheaper and safer than cobalt and comes with far fewer environmental repercussions.

Presently, there is but one producing nickel mine within the USA, which is expected to close around 2025. After that, the Tamarack Nickel Project, ran by Talon Metals , will be the only currently known potential source for high-grade nickel within the USA. Given that the Tamarack Nickel Project is a (rare) high-grade nickel sulphide deposit, the USA now has the opportunity to become a low cost and green producer of high energy density nickel-based batteries.

It seems like EV companies are looking more and more into making cobalt-free, nickel-based cathodes . For example, Tesla has announced that it will be making all their battery cathodes without any cobalt.

There are rumors that Tesla could potentially award a long-term contract to Talon Metals as the EV company is looking into a domestic and “clean” nickel producer - because of Tesla’s supply chain goals and because of the impending subsidies that are going to be granted by Biden, given to domestic metal mining companies adjunct to the EV industry.

These are only rumors but even if they don’t materialise, there is likely going to be major demand for clean, domestic nickel from many other players, such as GM.

TLOFF is an OTC Markets stock, a market which :freetrade: do not currently offer. Canadian markets aren’t currently offered, either, so the main listing is also out. You’ll need to look elsewhere for this stock if you want it anytime soon.