(Request) VXIS/VXIM

Volatility Indexes

These would be Great for making money from the ups and downs.:slight_smile:
(Mentioned by Sam Pegler in the ‘Megathread - Stocks to Add next week’)- but is has only got 2 Likes,:frowning: so far.

I don’t think this will get added as it is not really in keeping with the broader Freetrade values I think.

hrochfor1 I would be grateful if you would elaborate on your comment of ‘not in keeping with Freetrade Values’ as I am a newbie to all of this.:roll_eyes: Much Appreciated. Thanks.:slightly_smiling_face:

The idea behind Freetrade has, from day one, been to build out long term trading.

These VIX ETNs are highly risky as they do not actually track the VIX indexes well and a hard for a normal investor to actually trade. I don’t think Freetrade will be adding them soon as it’s starts down a path of trading rather than investing.