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Wilmington plc is a really good prospect. Please could we add this to stocks included on freetrade?

Csn you add more info so people will find out more about them and don’t forget to vote for yourself! Or as I found out yesterday can message freetrade directly and ask for stock request :smiley:

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Wilmington plc is a United Kingdom-based company, which is a provider of data, information, education and training in the global Governance, Risk and Compliance markets. The Company’s business segment includes Training & Education and Information & Data. The Training & Education division provides compliance training and technical support for customers across a range of industries including financial services, accountancy, and healthcare. It offers a range product, including formal qualifications, continuing education, and mandatory training, through instructor-led and self-guided formats. The Information & Data division consists of businesses, which provide must-have, authoritative risk, and compliance data to a range of industries globally, including insurance, pensions, and healthcare. It also provides online and hybrid learning to the management and provision of mission-critical information and data through delivery platform.


Thanks. I have added more info. :+1:t6:


Agreed. Need to get this added to FreeTrade. With recent sale of a subsidiary, they are now net cash. All quality metrics look good with ROCE > 30%. Proved resilience during lockdown and a lot less dependent on face-to-face training. Revenue split between the two segments (info/data and training/education is around 50/50 so a good level of diversification within the business. Compliance / regulatory training is quite sticky as well and not particularly prone to cyclicality. PE wise, it around 15x on esimtated 2022 earning which is by no means expensive. Judging by their latest spin off, I’d say it’s probably a bit undervalue.

Best of all, it’s quite under the radar so you don’t get the noise of rampers!

I already hold a small position in Hargreaves but hoping to add more on wider market weakness.

@JamesBell Any chance of getting this added to the list soon?

Hi folks :ocean:

I’ve given the headline metrics the once over as after looking at a few hundred of these requests one can tell which are get added and which don’t.

Just before it’s always good practice to search before starting a new thread, this stock has been requested in the past so the admin should merge these for the sake of cleanliness.

Volume - (more details here)
This is a wild stock, how can it trade just a few times one day and then 235,000 the next?

Liquidity - (more details on liquidity)
Might just be today because volume is low but you’d end up having a trade execute way below / above your expectation. This is a hallmark of a stock with low liquidity.

Market Cap-
Small but we’ve seen this size added